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Welcome to Benniman Photography I am a keen photographer and have covered numerous events from Weddings and Motor sport, I also enjoy Landscape, Wildlife and Portrait Photography. I studied for a Diploma in Professional Photography which I successfully achieved.

I have been involved with photography for around 30 plus years, I have travelled Worldwide always with my camera at my side, while working on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic on contract to the RAF I covered a number of photo shoots for the RAF and the Island administrators office as well as Weddings and scouting events on the Island.

I worked for Virgin for six years on Hot Air Balloon and Airship operations world wide which were used as advertising platforms for high profile companies, a number of my photographs were used in Brouchues and other Media sources.

My site is still under construction so please bare with me as I work on it, the shop side is not working at present if you are interested in any of the pictures please e-mail me.

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